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Appendix VI.

P. 428.    Bending Theory.

Example 73. Make a diagram to shew how the moment of
resistance to bending increases as the radius of curvature diminishes.
Estimate the work done in bending a mild steel plate i in. thick, 5 ft.
wide, and 20 ft. long, to a radius of 6 ft. (Machine Constr. Hons.

From p. 428 :          Bm =_/Z = -

.'. Moment of resistance,  fZ oc -

The diagram is given at o, Fig. 956. As the radius of curvature
diminishes from a to a the moment of resistance increases from b to
bi; and as a x b is constant, the curve is a rectangular hyperbola.

To estimate the work done, let the plate be bent from A B   to